Jonathan Acker


Jonathan started working with dogs at a young age. From working with the family Labrador in group training classes to training a German Shorthaired Pointer to hunt quail and grouse with in high school and college, there really hasn’t been a time when dog training wasn’t a part of his life. He worked summers during high school and the first two years of college at veterinary clinics. During this time, he became enamored with working dogs. He realized he would rather work with dogs than on them. He changed his college major from veterinary medicine to criminal justice in the hopes of one day becoming a K9 handler.


While in college, he joined the local Schutzund club and started working an American Bulldog. While the bulldogs still hold a special place in his heart, he moved to a German Shepherd that he titled from a BH to a Schutzund Three. He was an active member in the Schutzund club from 1999 to 2010. Jonathan started his law enforcement career in 2003. Jonathan has been a dual purpose K9 handler for 12 years and also currently serves a trainer and the unit supervisor. Jonathan is also a member of the SWAT team and a shift sergeant.


During his time in the K9 unit, he has grown the team from a two dog unit to a five dog unit with 24/7 shift coverage. Jonathan has been able to work three incredible dogs during his tenure with the K9 unit. The first dog, a German Shepherd, was given up by his first handler and was considered a failure by the administration. Jonathan was able to retrain the dog from an aggressive alert dog to a passive alert dog. He took the same dog that had never found a suspect on a track to having multiple finds to include two physical apprehensions on tracks. Jonathan’s second dog, a Malinios, and his current dog, a German Shepherd, were both trained by him from green to successful working police dogs.


His current dog has deployed multiple times with the SWAT team and has apprehended suspects that, had the K9 not been utilized, could have turned in to an officer involved shooting. Jonathan considers working a patrol K9 his dream job and feels incredibly fortunate to be in his current position. Jonathan’s home has an American Bulldog and a German Shepherd. He has trained both of them from puppies to housebroken obedience trained dogs. Jonathan has completed a K9 Handler Course from Cobra Canine and a K9 Trainer Course from Justin Rigney at K9 Services Unlimited. We are very proud and honored to have Jonathan as part of our training staff.