James Presson

James has over 5 years of experience training Patrol, Narcotics Detection and Tracking canines and has over 9 years of Law Enforcement experience with the Anderson County Sheriffs Department. James has had the privilege of spending the last five years working two patrol canines, Rocco and Bolo.


Canine Rocco was James' first canine and responsible for the apprehension of over 140 suspects during his short career. Rocco was used to assist the U.S. Marshal Fugitive Task Force, DEA, Tennessee Bureau of Investigations, F.B.I. and many other local and state agencies with drug and fugitive recovery efforts. Rocco was responsible for keeping large amounts of illegal narcotics off the streets, but was medically retired in April of 2020. During the same month, James selected a Dutch Shepherd, named Bolo, he would train for Patrol Duties.


In July 2020, James received his trainers certificate from Instructor Justin Rigney with K9 Services Unlimited and completed canine Bolo's training the same month. James was promoted to the rank of Corporal in January 2021 and is one of two canine trainers at the Anderson County Sheriffs Department in Tennessee. James is currently working canine Bolo and trains several other professional working dogs teams. James showed an interest and love for dog training early on in his life when his family adopted their first dog. James trained his own pet dog in basic obedience and tracking early on in his life.


James' dedication and passion for dog training was evident when he donated over 200 hours of his time to assist the Anderson County Sheriffs Canine Unit. James has received training in the use of the NePoPo training system and seeks to help pet dog owners better understand and communicate with their pets.