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Welcome Colby!

Please allow me to introduce Colby Hartz, the newest member of our K-9 Services Unlimited LLC team. He joins us as a dog training apprentice and kennel technician. He lives at our facility full time, providing additional 24/7 care and coverage for our clients dogs, as well as some of our own personal dogs.

Colby recently moved from his hometown of Broadalbin in upstate NY.

Colby comes from a proud military family and he enlisted into the United States Marine Corps immediately after graduating Highschool in June of 2016. He served 4 years as a Infantry Rifleman stationed at Camp Lejeune, NC. He is grateful for the experiences and life lessons learned throughout his military career.

Colby’s passion and interests are in all things K9. His love for dogs began at a young age with his first family dog, a Chocolate Labrador named “Snickers”. He grew up with many family dogs bonding with each one, including a Westie, named “MacTavish”. Colby had a close family friend, who was retired Vietnam Veteran, bring his Service Dog, Dakota in to his 5th grade classroom for his school project on Golden Retrievers to show his parents that he was deserving of his own dog. Shortly after, his parents surprised him with “Max” who was his loyal companion for many years. He has always wanted to work with and train dogs since his childhood. Colby is so excited for this opportunity and we are very grateful to have him joining us.

As a trainer and instructor, it’s my mission and goal to pay forward the many blessings I’ve received from my mentors, instructors, trainers and those I’m eternally grateful for influencing my education in dog training and to make Colby better than me!

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