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Unwanted Aggression in Pet Dogs

UNWANTED AGGRESSION IN PET DOGS... No matter if the aggression is offensive with active, forward dominance, or be it defensive, fear based, reactive or otherwise, NO FORM OF TRAINING CAN COMPLETELY EXTINGUISH IT!!! This applies to human and animal aggression. If other trainers are telling you a different story, they’re trying to give you false hope and trying to take your money. A horse kicks, a cat scratches and a dog bites! They all can and will if pushed. A dog attempts to solve conflict with it’s teeth and skin always looses over teeth, every time! Once a dog is empowered and finds their advantage with this violent form of conflict resolution, it becomes their go-to move, faster and faster. Well balanced dog training can only give you the tools and knowledge to mitigate and manage aggression. It NEVER goes away, it’s always lurking, waiting to rear its ugly head and so very, very few people have the skill set, coordination and wherewithal to deal with it. This is why I don’t deal with aggression cases. I’ve been bitten many times and I spent a good portion of my life hunting criminals with a dog. I know how to create aggression, as well as suppress it. I can educate a dog fairly quickly that I am not on “the menu” and those around me aren’t as well. However; this is not a transferable skill and the dog will not automatically respond to the owner with the same respect just because they are “mom or dad “ and paid for dog training. Especially because the dog must go back into the environment, amongst the same pack, where the issues manifested in the first place.

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