Without questions, there is no learning!  Here are some of the frequently asked questions we receive concerning dog training.


Frequently Asked Questions

Will my dog remember me when he/she comes back from the 4 week boarding program?

Yes, absolutely! The gift of communication you are giving them will only enhance your realtionship and solidify your bond through clarity. We will educate you on how a dog thinks and teach you to accelerate the bond with your dog.

Will I be able to visit my dog during the boarding/training progtram?

We do not recommend this as it is confusing to the dog. It is essential that we establish a bond with your dog in order to establish a happy learning environment. Visits from the owner can impede and delay this process.

Do you offer payment plans for the boarding/training program?

Yes. We require 50% payment at time of drop off and the remaining balance to be paid when you pick up your pet.

What if my dog forgets all his training and I wasted my money?

Your dog WILL forget if you don't practice. If you don't do maintenence work, your dog's focus will get rusty. Luckily, we provide you with all the exercises you will need to keep your relationship with your dog.

Where will my dog be staying? Is it a kennel and around other dogs?

While your dog is with us, we will mimic thier home lifestyle as close as possible and they will be a part of our family. Down time in a kennel is part of the training process. Once your dog is comfortable with our process, they will be exposed to other dogs. There will be social time and play.

Can my dog be a protection dog?

Most dogs are not capable of being a true, trusted protection dog. There are many factors that make up a quality protection dog and we can evaluate your dog to see if it has the skills needed for this type of work.

Can you train my dog to be a service dog, therapy dog, or emotional support dog?

We can absolutely provide you the training to meet your needs. But, your dog needs to have the genetic potential and particular skills needed to provide the service you are looking for. We will happily consult with you to determine how we can assist.

Can you help me select the perfect dog for my family?

Yes! This is one of our specialties. We use a very detailed selection process to help pick the right breed, size, etc. for your family.

How will I learn to maintain the progress you've made with my dog?

When your dog is trained, our job is only halfway done. We then will train you so you can continue the work and reap the benefits of a great dog-owner partnership.