Dog Training Agreement
K-9 SERVICES UNLIMITED LLC Training agreement
The following is a Description of our In-Kennel Training Program:
Attention: Our attention getting exercise teaches each dog their name and to look directly at us each time they hear it. This lays the foundation for everything else you will ever request of your dog. If your dog is paying attention you can get him/her to perform anything within their ability.
Leash Manners: This teaches dogs to work properly and confidently on a leash. Preventing unwanted pulling and jerking is often a concern of many dog owners. Teaching dogs not to jump on to people is also covered during this training phase.
Sit/Sit Stay: Dogs are trained to sit quickly on the first command and must stay until released or asked to perform another task.
Down/Down Stay: Dogs are trained to lie down quickly on the first command and must stay until released or asked to perform another task.
Come: The dog must come and sit directly in front of the handler when given the command to do so. The dog must stay sitting until released or asked to perform another task.
Heel: The dog will walk on the left side of the handler and turn or change pace as needed. The dog will sit when the handler comes to halt.
Release: Everything that has a beginning must have an end. That is why each dog is trained to the "FREE" or release command. When the dog has completed an exercise he/she is given the release and may move around at will providing they do not pull or jerk on the leash.
Place: The dog is trained to go to a crate or mat and remain there until released. This is very helpful when someone unexpectedly arrives at your door. Simply point to the mat and tell your dog PLACE. Going on a picnic? Take your dogs' mat and enjoy the day with your dog, not searching for him. Each command is trained in a controlled environment until the dog clearly understands what is expected of them. Then, we gradually introduce environmental distractions to ensure they will perform in the presences of people, traffic, other dogs and the like. Finally, we proof the dogs with resistance training. This teaches the dog that when given a command they must follow the command even when pressure is applied signaling for the dog to break from position. Along with learning these new “wanted” behaviors, we also will extinguish “unwanted behaviors”. Such as; jumping, digging, chewing, counter surfing, nuisance barking…etc.
Program fee:The cost of this program is $3000.00 with the average training time being four weeks for “on leash” training, six weeks for “off leash” training, which costs an additional $1500 ($4500 total). These timelines are “ballpark” and the average time dogs need to complete the program. If additional time is required, it’s at no additional cost to the client. It’s our perspective that you are entrusting us with your dog and paying us to get the dog to a certain level of training. It’s on us to get them to this level, at the dogs pace. It’s very difficult to predict animal behavior and they all have a different learning curve. We highly recommend purchasing a remote training collar (Ecollar) to be able to reinforce what your dog has learned, at the speed of sound, over great distances, giving the dog total freedom. We are distributors for Ecollar Technologies (, in most cases the Mini Educator is the perfect choice, costing $200 and we can provide this product for you if you chose. For dogs with thick coats, its also necessary to attach the comfort winged contact points ($30) to enhance contact with the skin. This fee includes boarding, training, equipment fees and daily private training sessions at our facility. One half of the payment is due at the start of the program, with the remaining balance one the dog has completed the program Dogs that have severe behavioral problems and require special attention (housebreaking/crate training, aggression, separation anxiety, destructive behavior, dog aggression, resource guarding, possessiveness, etc.) or under 20 weeks of age will be charged an additional fee to be discussed on an individual basis depending on the specific issue. Serious aggression issues are done on a case by case basis and will be much more expensive due to the high risk of injury to the trainers.
Most aggression cases will not be entertained, as the vast majority of the population doesn’t have the skill set to maintain this type of work. You can NEVER train aggression away, it’s always lurking! You can mitigate it and mange it with good training and supervision, but it can rear it’s ugly head at any time. The training provide by us to the client is non-transferable. Meaning, if the dog is re-homed, sold or owner becomes deceased during the program, it’s not guaranteed we will honor our original contract with the new owner.
Program Duration: While this program is designed as a 4 week program some dogs may require a little more time. Unless you have requested training or service outside of the scope of training outlined above you will not be charged for these additional days. Owners not picking up their dogs at the completion of the program or returning the dog for any reason, will be charge $100.00 per day for our premium boarding service.
Heart worm, Flea and tick preventative medication: Your dog must be up to date with all medication that will last the duration of training.
Participation: Owner participation is required for success of this program. It is imperative that owners maintain and reinforce the training and discipline that has been instilled in your dog during his/her time with K-9 Services Unlimited L.L.C. Dog training is a “perishable skill”, use it or lose it! It is also not transferrable through osmosis, your dog will not just listen to you because you are “Mom or Dad” and you paid the bill for training or because you “love” the dog. Your dog will be trained for life but you must learn how to handle and reinforce your dogs training to obtain maximum benefit. We provide several follow up lessons to insure the programs on-going success. If you decide to remove the dog from the program prematurely for whatever reason, this contract is null and void and you will be responsible for any remaining balance due. Additionally, if you remove the dog from the program prematurely, you will not receive any instruction of what the dog knows up until the point of which it was removed, as we shall still consider the dog “untrained” until it has completed the program in it’s entirety and to our satisfaction. Dog training is not “A’ la carte”!
Communication with owners during the program, picture and video updates: We will keep an open, on-going dialogue with our clients and we welcome calls and texts anytime. We love to hear from you, so please don’t hesitate to reach out and don’t wait for us to update you. Owners will receive ONE video or picture of their dog, per week, while their dog is in our program. Constant photo shoots are distracting and time consuming. All videos or pictures of your dog(s) may potentially be posted on social media or the internet, unless expressed written desire to not do so is obtained.
Lifetime Guarantee: K-9 Services Unlimited L.L.C., guarantees that at the completion of this program your dog will know and understand the exercises outlined above, for life. If you are experiencing a problem and it is determined to be a training problem that is not caused by an owner’s lack of maintenance, participation and reinforcement, we will fix the problem with no additional training cost. If In-Kennel training is required you will be charged the premium boarding fee (currently $100 per day). Removing dogs from the program prior to completion and or failing to participate in or follow the directions of private training session’s voids this guarantee.
Governing Law. This Agreement is to be construed under the laws of the State of Tennessee, or the state(s) in which services occur or the client resides. The sole proper venue for any dispute under this agreement shall be the court of the State of Tennessee, or any Federal court sitting within said state. While every effort is made to provide a safe and secure environment for your companion animal, K-9 Services Unlimited L.L.C., its employees, officers, agents, managers and subcontractors cannot be held responsible for injury, illness, loss or death of an animal in our care, including transportation. Owners agree that K-9 Services Unlimited L.L.C. personnel may utilize any veterinarian of their choice to provide emergency medical care whenever K-9 Services Unlimited L.L.C., may deem it necessary. Owners are responsible for all fees incurred on behalf of their dogs. All fees must be paid in full before animals will be released. K-9 Services Unlimited L.L.C. will make a reasonable effort to contact owner as soon as possible whenever medical care is required. K-9 Services Unlimited L.L.C., cannot be held responsible for any actions of owners or animals once the animal has completed training other then enforcing our guarantee K-9 Services Unlimited L.L.C., does not make refunds on deposits or payments for training, sales or service. We will gladly provide the agreed services or substitute services you may request for up to one year from payment.
I (we) have read the above agreement and agree to hold K-9 Services Unlimited LLC., it’s owner, officers, agents, managers, subcontractors and employees harmless from and against any and all claims, damages or losses including attorney fees that may arise as a result of the above agreement.
This electronic form is a binding agreement between you and k9 Services Unlimited, LLC.
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